Since 1995, Lightword Publishing has provided no charge book recommendations and reviews in our publication, The Mindquest Review Of Books. A few noteworthy works, submitted by self-published authors, small press, and university press are selected for a Mindquest recommendation and review. We do not charge for a recommendation, writing and publishing a review in Mindquest.

THE LIGHTWORD PUBLISHING MISSION: Lightword Publishing supports small business including self-published authors, small press, university press, and small business products. Lightword is promoting the return of mom and pop business providing unique business plans and customer service recommendations. We offer free and low cost promotions, editorial services, reviews, press releases, ad copy, book cover copy, and small business product promotions and publicity.

Most major media sources blatantly discriminate against self-published authors and small press books. One example is the New York Times Book Review. "We only review books published in the United States and available through general-interest bookstores..."

Your support of self-published authors and small press will help us to continue providing reviews of noteworthy books in our publication.

You can help us to continue to support self-published authors and small press by making a donation, entering the Amazon logo below to purchase products, or show your support by following owner Bernie Nelson on



Please read submission requirements carefully- if not met your book will not be considered. A nonreturnable book can be submitted to be considered for a no charge recommendation and review in our publication.

Mindquest is snail-mailed across the USA to selected print and on-line publications, with major circulations, publishing self-published author, university press and small press book reviews. Mindquest is published on-line,with incoming links from our other web pages, book review websites, Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter.


The current pdf
is published on our website.

Lightword Publishing will not sell your book. If your book is marked "review copy" it will be recycled. If your book is not marked it will be donated to our local library.

For each edition of Mindquest we will publish an internet press release, with search engine popular title and paragraph sub-titles, most often typed into search engine boxes. Most people finding the press release will do so by what they type into a search engine box.

In addition to the press release announcing the current Mindquest publication we will:

Add links to the Mindquest press release on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Add links to the press release on both our Lightword websites.

Add RSS feeds, and links in Google and Yahoo bookmarks.

The issue of Mindquest, in which your book review may be published, will be promoted on our web site for six months.

Beginning in 2003,for our next and future Mindquest issues, one book will be designated Featured Book and will receive a free review renewal in the next issue. The Featured Book will receive a free short review in my Mindquest Synergy Notes column- a 175 dollar value.

You can learn more
Lightword Publishing.

You assume absolutely no obligation to order additional promotional services if your book is recommended and reviewed in our publication. If you book is reviewed optional promotional services will be snail-mailed. No one will phone you unless you request it.

Mindquest is a leading authority for book recommendations. Lightword has provided clients with professional publicity and promotional services, with results reported on our
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web page.

If your book is reviewed you will have the opportunity to see an Email advance review copy so you can suggest corrections and changes. We charge a 19.00 reading fee to be submitted with your book and media kit (optional).The reading fee does not improve your chances for a review in Mindquest. Some authors add a donation to the reading fee to help our mission, but the extra donation does not im;prove their chances for a review.

Book Submission Requirements for Self-Published Authors and Small Press

Please read submission requirements below carefully as your book will not be considered if requirements are not fully met. Our book reading fee is 19.00.

SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: (Required For Consideration Of Review) Please submit your book by snail mail-no Emails accepted. Your book should have a bar code and ISBN number on the back cover.

Important: Please send this statement with your submission: The name and address of the person authorized to approve a renewal and/or other optional promotions for a fee is ..... and the mailing address is.... TO BE CONSIDERED FOR REVIEW ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST INCLUDE THE SNAIL-MAIL ADDRESS OF THE AUTHOR. Small Press: Do not submit more than one book a month.

Snail mail your book, along with a 19.00 reading fee,(additional donation optional) to Bernie Nelson, c/o Lightword Publishing, 10348 W. US Hwy. 90, Del Rio, TX 78840. If you have questions please call Bernie at 830-776-0590.

The reading fee, and any additional donation, will not guarantee your book will be reviewed.

If you desire to prepay with Paypal click on the icon below, and with your submission on "Instructions to Merchant" type the title of your book.


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